3. Mai 2020 | Fundstück am Sonntagmorgen


Aus der Facebook-Gruppe „Mapp and Lucia“ erreicht mich der Hinweis auf das Vorwort zu E.F. Bensons »An autumn sowing«, als Nachdruck in der Hogarth Press 1987 erschienen. In diesem Vorwort schreibt John Julius Norwich:

»There can be no doubt that all three brothers were basically homosexual – though Arthur and Hugh almost certainly remained virgins till they died. As to Fred, an enthusiastic member of the distinctly ambiguous English colony in Venice before the First World War, Arthur himself expressed his misgivings: ‘Charles Williams in his Palazzo, Lady Radnor in her salons – the silliness of it, the idleness, the sentimentality about bronzed gondoliers, etc., with I dare say a nastier background . . . It is this life wich Fred leads so mysteriously and of which he says nothing. I wonder what is it all about.‘«

E. F. Benson: An autumn sowing. – London, Hogarth Press, 1987
Quelle: https://archive.org/details/autumnsowing00efbe/page/7


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